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2020年三星Global Research Outreach (“GRO”)研究基金申请


2020 GRO Timeline

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Submission Deadline:

August 25, 2020 (09:00 A.M. Korea Standard Time, UTC+9)

Final Results Announcement (via email):

October, 2020


Research Themes

2020 GRO Program is seeking proposals in Eleven(11) research themes. Details are described in the description documents and other themes are also welcome.


 Ultralow-power Cryogenic Computing

Ultralow-power Device for Cryogenic Computing PDF download

Ultralow-power Architecture for Cryogenic Computing PDF download

Metaphotonics for Next
Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

Metaphotonics for next computing and information processing PDF download

Next generation DRAM/NAND

Concept, Device & 3D implementation technology PDF download

Functional Oxide

Oxide Thin Films for Memory and Logic Applications PDF download

New Quantum Dot

Quantum dot of new structure and composition PDF download

Safety analysis of quantum dot PDF download

New Light Sensitive Materials

Acid Generation Materials PDF download

Dendrimer Materials PDF download

Privacy Preserving Computing

Machine Learning Models & Applications using Privacy Preserving Computing PDF download

Machine Intelligence

On-device Artificial Intelligence PDF download

6G communication systems

Physical layer and hardware component innovation for upper mmWave and THz technology. PDF download

Fundamental technology
for semiconductor equipment

Plasma RF Generation to overcome extreme semiconductor process challenge PDF download

Next-generation Computational Imaging technique for semiconductor wafer metrology and inspection PDF download

EUV Source Improvement and Simulation Technology PDF download

Precision Heater and Temperature Measurement Technology PDF download

Bulk Acoustic Wave

Loss Mechanisms and Causes of Failure under High Power Loads in BAW Resonators PDF download

Multiplexer Design (including topology), simulation for 5G communication (Wide Bandwidth, lower attenuation, high power) PDF download

Filter level thermal mechanism analysis (Heat Transfer)



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